Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Miu Miu Too Late

If only I had checked my email a bit earlier this morning I would have been the HAPPY owner of these beauties.
Miu Miu Patent Leather Ballet Flats
Original $445, Now $133.50

But alas they were scooped up by some other savvy stylista before I could get my shoe hungry mitts on them.

A New Year

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne

Wishing health, happiness, and love to you and yours.

Let's Get Ornamental

One of my favorite after holiday traditions is scooping up heavily discounted ornaments during after holiday sales. After they are packed away and forgotten, it is almost like an early Christmas present when opening up the decoration box at the beginning of the next holiday season.

I also have a slight obsession with all things Jonathan Adler. If you are nearby a Jonathan Adler store, I implore you to go check it out. It will make you swoon and want to move in immediately. Love Love Love.

So in perusing the web for some fun new ornaments for 2010, I "stumbled" upon the Jonathan Adler site and found these gems.
Original $28, Now $19.20

Original $28, Now $19.20

Original $48, Now $38.40

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas Recap Quickie

Our Christmas was wonderful.
We took a cheesy picture or two

Santa brought us all fantastic presents

We drank one (or a few too many) white russians on Christmas Eve

We spent a wonderful weekend in New York with my famiglia

We saw one of my favorite broadway shows...which was beyond amazing.

I cannot wait for next year. Our first official Christmas as a married duo.

How was your holiday?

Stairway to Heaven?

There is a grand staircase leading up to the front of the Chicago History Museum from the plaza which is just itching for inspired decor. My parents suggested gathering all of the guests before the end of the night for one great group shot on the stairs. It will be one of our few opportunities to enjoy true candlelight on our wedding night.

Wouldn't this be a great picture? So much joy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Happy Holidays!

Well, we're off to the FIL's for a Christmas celebration and then heading down to NYC to spend the weekend with my family. I'll be back on Monday with lots of fun pictures.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season! xo

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Morning Comfy Chic

Christmas morning is spent in pj's at my parent's house. We always looked rumpled, fresh out of bed and ready to dive into presents. Yet spending the first Christmas away from my parents has brought me to an outfit dilemma. After all, I want to be comfy at my FIL's house but also pulled together. Luckily there are 101 sales going on right now. How's this for a comfy chic Christmas morning outfit?

Original Price $71, Sale Price $48

Original Price $248, Sale Price $147

Original Price $59, Sale Price $29

Original Price $99, Sale Price $79

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Tail of the Broken Prong

Okay so that would hardly be a very riveting tale but that is exactly what I found today as I innocently folded my hands in my lap during a rather dull meeting. I felt a small shift in the side stone of my ring almost like a loose tooth feels when you are little. I looked down to examine my baby and lo and behold one of the prongs was missing on the setting of that stone.

Bummer huh? Well to M's credit after I called him in a panic, he observed that it would have been a much bigger bummer if I had not noticed the missing prong until after the stone too was missing. So off to the lovely jeweler my ring goes for a quick repair. It's funny though how it almost feels like a missing limb. I never realized how aware I was of the ring at all times. Throughout the afternoon, after I had locked my ring away in my desk drawer for safe keeping, I would have a near start when for a split second I would think my ring had fallen off of my finger.

All's well that ends well though I suppose. I'll feel much better when that ring is back on my finger.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let It Snow

I love the first big snowfall of the season. As much as I miss Chicago, there is nothing like a Boston blizzard. A Nor'Easter as they say around here. It's 15 inches and counting! Last night we enjoyed a low key movie night (Bad Santa) and a Snuggler (hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps) while the snow fell. And then we took Eddie out for a romp in the snow this morning.


I Love Shooooes

Some may say that I have a slight problem when it comes to shoes. I simply say that it's nice to feel passionate about something. Some may think it is sad to be passionate about shoes. I say it is actually quite fabulous. As you know, I'm on the hunt for wedding kicks. I know I always write about how obsessed I am with wearing Christian Loubs on my wedding day but I think every girl should dream of such delights.

Something blue perhaps?
How about ruffles?

Who can say no to sparkles?

While none of these beauties are in my future, I think I may have stumbled on an equally gorgeous pair that are narrowly in the margin of my price range. During my last minute Christmas shopping yesterday, I sauntered ever so casually by the Barney's shoe department and spotted a pair of perfect CL's that were more than half off. That's the absolute beauty of the Barney's Winter Sale. I decided to sleep on it before taking action but I have not been able to get them off of my mind. So after M and I manage to dig ourselves out of the 2 feet of snow that this Nor'Easter has dumped on Charlestown, I'll be making my way over to check yet another "difficult" task off of my wedding to-do list. I promise to post pictures!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wrapped Up

I'm wiped after a rather productive evening. It began with a homemade eggplant pasta dinner, which took much longer than necessary and kind of ended up tasting like pasta with canned tomato sauce. Oops. Then it was on to a wrapping marathon. I finally received the last of my parents presents in the mail today (ah the love of online holiday shopping) and I need to ship out the Chicago present package this week. My mom, dad, and younger brother will be the lucky recipients.

This is the first year of the inevitable holiday trade off that includes me not spending Christmas in Chicago. Last year, I spent Thanksgiving with M's family in Philly while he joined me in Chi-town for Christmas. This year it was the reverse. Though I have to admit I am being a bit more spoiled than he was about spending the holiday away from mia famiglia. It's tough not having our families in the same area which would allow for the eve / day holiday split. Instead one of us does not get to share in the holiday traditions, comforts, and joy of our family. Now don't get me wrong, I love M's parents but as most of you can probably relate, it's just not the same.

Looking on the bright side, we'll be heading to New York City the day after Christmas for a weekend trip with my peeps. So I guess I should stop whining.

Oh, and I finished up the night with a second try at baking my mom's famous Mint Meringues. Fingers crossed they turn out. If so, I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hostess Gift Ideas: Cambria Cove

I had never heard of Cambria Cove before I was somehow signed up on their email list and began receiving daily emails filled with cute and chic gift ideas. I began searching through the site looking for cute holiday gift ideas and got to thinking how so many of their items would be perfect for hostess gifts for bridal showers and bachelorette parties. A few of my favorite items are below:

Veiled Musings

My veil dilemma continues, now I'm leaning much more favorably towards the side of wearing a veil during the ceremony. I say this with unease because I have been so set on having a mostly untraditional wedding. After all, we're eliminating the bouquet toss, the garter toss, we're doing a first look, and I'm carrying bright colored flowers. All of which are not earth shatteringly unique decisions but they are modern wedding choices.

So the veil feels like a throwback. But I love the beauty of a veil picture and they really do make one feel like a bride. I'm considering a very low fingertip veil that will perch on my low updo and will be easily remove for the reception. Much to my mother's sheer joy, I've relented enough to try one on when I have my first dress fitting in February

P.S. On a side note, the Vera Wang store called yesterday to tell me my dress had arrived! I practically had to restrain myself to not go running across town to Newbury Street to see it in person.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shop It to Me Sale of the Day

In a triumphant return to the daily feature. Wouldn't this be a gorgeous rehearsal dinner dress?

Trina Turk "Reina" Chiffon Dress
Original $342 - Now $205

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweet Thank You Gifts

The perfect birthday gift for my besty and MOH who is tying the knot just one month before me. Adorable and Eco Chic letterpress Thank You notes from Smock, only $14 for a set of 6.

Pottery Barn Mania

Adventures in registering continued last weekend as I was finally able to drag M over to Pottery Barn. We decided to forego the one on Newbury Street and head to the Mall in Chestnut Hill because I was feeling slightly under the weather and wanted to ensure we could find parking. M was quick to agree as we have had 4 failed Pottery Barn attempts due to lack of parking on Newbury Street. Lazy much?

When we arrived at the store, my fingers began tingling with excitement to get my hands on that gun! Despite the fact that the staff was rather unhelpful (it took nearly 30 minutes for us to finally find someone who was able to get our registry started), M and I had fun perusing the newlywed mecca of home design.

Because M and I have been living together for 2 years at this point, we have most of the basics so I was really looking for detailed accent pieces to accent our style. I just hope that some of the more unique items stay in stock until our guests begin shopping.

Etsy Finds: Hydrangea Blossom & Diamond Ring

What young bride does not swoon over hydrangeas? Well, second only to peonies of course. Wouldn't this be an adorably thoughtful wedding day present? Or holiday gift? (hint hint)

Gifting Myself

Currently gathering ideas for a Christmas wishlist to provide to M. I've decided that it cannot hurt anyone to have a little nudging towards the perfect gift.

Snake Skin Clutch by Lauren Merkin

New Q Printed Wristlet by Marc Jacobs

And there's nothing wrong with swooning over funky clutches. I'm a sucker for snakeskin and Marc Jacobs.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fa-la-la-la...A Christmas Beagle

It's Edison's favorite time of the year...all the ornaments he can break and tree water he can drink.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Something Blue?

The hunt for my wedding day kicks begins now. I will need them for my first fitting in February (gasp) and I'm incredibly beyond ridiculously picky when it comes to footwear. I dream of Loubs for the wedding day but alas I'm being realistic (blah).

Martina Satin Peep Toes in Bright Hydrangea, $235

I found these beauts on J. Crew. What do ya think?

Letterpress, Yes!

I've been doing some serious bloggy oogling of the 2010 letterpress calendars that are being created. So I decided that they would be the perfect holiday gift and ordered one from Pistachio Press to give to my dear mamacita for Christmas. Eye candy! After receiving it today after just 2 days, I have decided that I must purchase one for myself also.

Bittersweet Wedding Cake

As I mentioned last week was a whirlwind of wedding planning. This planning included meeting with 4 different local bakeries in Chicago to taste some wedding cakes. What could be better than that? We met with two bakeries in the suburbs and two in the city. The city bakeries were clear winners not only in presentation and cake testing atmosphere but also in the modern designs that they had available.

We ended up deciding between Bittersweet Pastry Shop and Alliance Bakery. I recommend checking out both shops if you are a Chicago bride. The staff are fantastic at both and they really make the cake testing an experience! There were dishes of delicious fillings such as mocha creme and salted caramel buttercream that we lavishly spread on deliciously spongey mini-cakes such as banana, red velvet, and dark chocolate fudge.

Both experiences were truly decadent but Bittersweet Pastry Shop really took the cake (no pun intended). Sue Ann led us through our cake testing with such ease and fun. The flavors were delicious and most of all the cake designs that they had in their portfolio were modern and glam at the same time.

Our cake design is simple - 3 tiers with white on white flourish design and topped with a few peonies to tie in with the color scheme of the wedding. We have alternating layers of cake, one will be almond cake with vanilla creme brulee filling and fresh strawberris and the other will be almond cake with dark chocolate mousse. I'm salivating just thinking about them. Bittersweet offers a great option of side tiers so that we were able to have a smaller decorated cake that would feed approximately 100 guests out for cutting and 2 side tiers (undecorated by the same height and flavors) that will be in the kitchen to feed the remaining guests. Oh and they also will send a freshly baked top tier of our cake to enjoy on our first wedding we can avoid the freezer burn experience.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

I have to admit that meeting with florists last week may have been one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning so far. It was the first time that I felt like I could actually picture the day. All of the florists we met with were fabulous and they totally understood my vision for the day.

I am hoping to use the flowers as the pop of vibrant color against the neutral palette of the gray silver bridesmaids dresses as well as to liven up the classic sculptural feel of the Chicago Room at the CHM. We're now waiting anxiously to see the proposals that come back.

I cannot lie that one event designer / florist that we met with in particular really understood everything that I was thinking about for the design of the space. I felt like they could take it to a whole new breath taking level. Fingers crossed...if and when it works out I'll do the grand reveal.

Haus of Gaga

On a completely non-wedding related note, last night I went with friends to see Lady Gaga's show and I cannot stop saying how amazing it was. The crowd was fantastically eclectic and she sure can put on a great show. I highly recommend it to all you Gaga fans out there.

Fantabulously Frugal Giveaway

Fantabulously Frugal has 3 amazing holiday giveaway packages, including amazing gifts such as:

  • $50 Gift Certificate to
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Triple Moisture Body Cream from Bath & Body Works
  • Gucci Buckle Sunglasses
  • Voluspa Yuzu Rose Bubble Bath Candle
  • Pencil case from Etsy seller Made by Hank stuffed with little goodies
  • Paper Source note cards
  • Gold leather Kate Spade passport case
  • Gold Amrita Singh twisted hoop earrings
Check, check, check it out...because who doesn't need a little holiday cheer?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wedding Week Whirlwind

I hope all you dearies had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend filled with fun, laughter, and loved ones. I had a delicious time in Chicago with my entire family for the whole week.

We had a whirlwind of a wedding week as well. My mom and I spent most of the week going from appointment to appointment downtown, we met with florists, cake vendors, and stationers. M and I decided to postpone our engagement session as the weather was so not enjoyable on Tuesday (rain and cold) so we'll probably end up doing them in the Spring.

I have many stories to tell and I cannot wait to talk about the fabulous vendors we met with this week but that will all have to wait until I head back to Boston. I'm off to enjoy the last few hours in Chicago with Mamacita!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Love Goooold & Cupcakes

I have a secret. Sometimes I wish that we were having a cupcake wedding. This secret wish was further fueled by MS Weddings Fall issue which featured these gilded cupcakes. Swoon.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Puppy

Our 2 year old beagle, Edison is the love of my life (second to least until we have children). I am so sad that given the many circumstances, we will not be able to include him in our wedding. We really wanted him incorporated somehow but given the flight to Chicago (he's too big to go under the seat) and the venue (surprisingly enough, museums tend to not allow dogs on their property), it just did not make sense.

He's my baby though and I will miss him. I'm still looking for some cute way to include a snippet of him along the way. We'll see.

I love looking at wedding posts that have dogs in them though. It makes me slightly envious but happy for those folks who can include these fantastic family members in their big day.