Monday, February 25, 2008

Dreaming Beyond the Sales...

So, I have lately been in a sad shopping state.  One in which I trudge out every Saturday morning, no-foam soy latte in hand, traversing in and out of many a dressing room entry...only to leave deflated and empty handed.  I think that trying to be so to speak "fiscally responsibility" (retch), I am losing the trigger ready credit card hand I once had.  This may be beneficial to my savings account...which has now morphed into our savings account...which carries with it much more thought behind each withdrawal.  

Still the many minutes I spend in front of my wardrobe every morning has seriously soured my mood so much that I decided I need to break the seal.  So I resorted back to one of my old favorites, the Urban Outfitters Sale Section.
Orleans Tank
Original: $42
NOW:  $19.99

A small win but an important leap towards my shopping re-birth.  Now counting down the days to my tax return...I have just the pieces in mind to complete the outfit.

Lauren Merkin


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