Thursday, May 31, 2007

Art and Ghosts

Last night I spent some time on the fabu site,, to find some fun art work for my new apartment. I came across "Art and Ghost", an artist from Manchester who does fabulously magical prints inspired by fairy tales, mythology, and nightmares. They are really quite eery. See more of her work here.

Bubble Girl with Pipe
Siblings Silhouette

Crash-Hat Fairy

Under $101: Romantic Afternoon

As spring turns to summer it is about time that we get the romance back in the picture. I love a warm summer afternoon spent strolling the city with my guy. I want to feel as cute and comfortable as I do just lounging around in my apartment.

Original: $69.50--NOW: $54
Assorted Bangle Set

A trapeze dress and cute sandals will do the trick, just polish the look off with a bunch of bangles and I'm all set. Only $98.79 with change to spare.

Fabu and Faboo Looks of the Day

I love Calista Flockhart's classic outfit with a touch of bling off the gold waist cinching belt.

Paulina Rubio stole the vest off a plastic cowboy and paired it with some hooker boots.

Shop it to Me Sale of the Day

Betsey Johnson
Winged Heart Hoops
Original: $50--NOW: $32.90

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All About Me Today: Lazy

I was super lazy today and therefore I opted for my largest most comfortable clothes.
Wearing Today:
Long Gray V-Neck: H&M
Boot Cut Citizens for Humanity: Nordstrom
Beaded Necklace: Forever 21
Silver Reef Sandals: St. Barth's Hotel Shop

Scoop Up the Sale

Whenever I go to visit my girls in NYC, I always make a pit stop at Scoop NYC. They have since opened in Chicago as well but there is nothing that can compare to the original. Except maybe the online sales...

Columbus Day Top
12th Street by Cynthia Vincent
Original: $275.00--NOW: $119.00

Anemone Straight Jean
Original: $255.00--NOW: $49.00

Edie Mini Dress
Original: $265.00--NOW: $159.00

Crop Joyce Jean
7 for all Mankind
Original: $145.00--NOW: $89.00

Fabu vs. Faboo Looks of the Day

Sarah Shahi proves you can look classy and chic while leaning on the hood of a yellow car.

Love the green high waist skirt.

Rihanna proves you can look trashy while exiting a luxury hotel.

Love the jacket. Lose the boots.

Shop It to Me Sale of the Day

Original: $225--NOW: $135

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Dolce Gabbana Party Edition

Beyond Sharp. Wouldn't it be lovely if all men dressed like this?
Appealingly gaudy.

Several faux cheetahs were slaughtered for this bed sheet?

All About Me Today

I got to thinking that perhaps it was not fair of me to critique everyone else's looks without subjecting myself to the same treatment.
Wearing Today:
Cream Cropped Peacoat--Urban Outfitters
Peach Linen Trapeze Dress--Forever 21
Faux Gold Leaf Pendant--H&M
Light Gold Ballet Flats--Steve Madden

Fa-BOO Look of the Day: Maggie Gyllenhal

So many looks gone horribly wrong Maggie G. The cropped jacket would have looked fabu with a long slim tank and skinny jeans. The shorts and blouson tank would have looked fab with some shimmery flats and a chic headband. That hat would look good...on my grandmother. So I say Fa-BOO to you MG. I expect so much more.

Photo Credit: Teddy & Moo's

Stock Up on Chic Tops at Urban


Original: $58--NOW: $34.99

Kimchi & Blue

Original: $48--NOW: $29.99

I Heart Ebay Tee
Original: $25--NOW: $16.99

Polyvore Chic

I have wasted the last hour on my fave new fabu site. Polyvore is a great tool for seeing how things look next to each other. For example, you can use it to try out clothes or furniture, even from different stores.

Mawi "Lovestruck Pendant Necklace" $406
Stella McCartney "Organic Print Tee" $395
Vanessa Bruno "Pleated Bubble Skirt" $336
Christian Louboutin "Yoclou Studded Pumps" $595

Cameron Diaz Rocks the Look of the Day

I love this look that Cameron Diaz brought to the Shrek 3 Photo call in Tokyo. Seriously, I realize you have to be a beanpole to pull of the cropped fitted blazer with skin tight slim cut jeans. But CD demonstrates such edgy and effortless style. She is definitely the look of the day.
Photo Credit: Teddy & Moo's

Shop It to Me Sale of the Day

Catherine Malandrino
Quilted Waist Dress
Original: $445--NOW: $311.50

Monday, May 28, 2007

Dreaming of Ready-To-Wear: Twinkle SS07

Photo Credit:

Under $100: Saks First Cut Designer Sale

Original: $165--NOW: $99

Juicy Couture
Babydoll Blouse
Original: $168--NOW: $66.90

Original: $106--NOW: $62.90

I Live for Shoes


Original: $130—NOW: $79.99


Original: $89—NOW: $39.99

Moon Unit

Original: $69—NOW: $49.99

I love gooooold.

Shop It to Me Sale of the Day

Charlotte Ronson
Flutter Sleeve Dress
Original: $249--NOW: $174.30

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Beach Bag Steal

Love this bag for the beachy weather that has arrived in the windy city. I found it while perusing Target this afternoon. It is beyond oversized and can easily fit a large beach blanket, snacks, cover ups, sunscreen, books, and everything else you will need on a Saturday morning beach trip.

Seagrass Tote - $12.99

Ruffles Are Not Just for Pirates

I love the ruffle blouse look for summer work and play. I thought this post was fitting seeing as Pirates of the Carribean came out this weekend and we all know that pirates love to wear their ruffles. LiLo rocks it perfectly as she seeks paparazzi attention at the Ivy.
Source: Teddy & Moo's

Nanette Lepore
'Rendezvous' Dot Ruffle Blouse
Adorable but not nice to the bank account.

Forever 21
Silk Blend Blouse
Combines two of my fave trends, yellow and ruffles.

Forever 21
Chiffon Flutter Top
A little bit eclectic take on the ruffle blouse.

Shop It to Me Sale of the Day

Original: $128--NOW: $59.95
Perfect for a Memorial Day BBQ.

Thursday, May 24, 2007