Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Closet Dream Wednesdays

I dream of the day when my closet is stocked with peonies.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cheeky Dahlias

Ever since I received the super cute invite for my bridal shower, I've been on a mission to find the perfect blushing bride to be ensemble. My shower is a ladies cocktail hour so initially I had considered buying a new cocktail dress.

M so kindly suggested that I consider looking in my own closet before I run out to Newbury street for a new dress. (Oh men...they are so practically adorable). I stumbled upon a barely been worn shimmering sand colored strapless cocktail dress from Club Monaco that is fittingly bridal. Yet I was kind of disappointed to be wearing something I already own...after all...I will only have one bridal shower.

Then the lightbulb went off. A perfect excuse to purchase a fabulously ethereal creation from Emerson Made.

May I introduce you to the cheeky dahlia?

Happy Birthday to My Lil Nugget

I cannot believe my little Ed-man is 2 years old today!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gifting the Shower Hostesses

I received the adorable invitation to my bridal shower in the mail yesterday! Four of my mom's nearest and dearest friends are hosting it for me in Chicago. I'm so looking forward to celebrating with all of the women in my life who have been so important to myself and my mom throughout the years.

Yet I'm now on a mission for sweet and unique gifts for our hostesses with the mostesses...

I've started at Anthro (obsessed)





I'd love any other ideas or suggestions!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Closet Dream Wednesdays

Any closest with a chic sofa...yes please!

An Ode to A Ghost Chair

I fell in love with ghost chairs while watching "Wedded to Perfection" on TLC last summer. These funky sculpted beauties added a contemporary elegance to the insanely over the top events planned by Jung and her team at Fete. (P.S. I have a secret fantasy that Jung will randomly find this blog and decide she MUST take-over on our wedding planning)

Our floral and event designer created a fabulously elegant look for our wedding, including none other than the elusive white ghost chair. The look was breath taking. All white, square tables, contemporary white ghost chairs, showcasing brilliantly robust plumes of coral, raspberry, and butter yellow in clustered centerpieces.

Yet, those dreams were quickly dashed when our caterer sent through the dreaded upgrade price for the ghost chairs. Let me just say...they put the chivari upgrade price to shame. So we have a slightly drastic change to our overall design. I have removed myself from the disappointment at this time and felt it appropriate to leave you with some lasting droolworthy images of a ghost chair wedding or two.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lessons From A Dress Fitting

My first dress fitting on Saturday was a success (for the most part)! It was so nice having my mom in town to see me try on MY dress for the first time. She was fabulously supportive and encouraging as the nerves kicked in slightly. She also took great pictures that I promise to post after the wedding (after all M does know about this blog and I would hate for him to happen upon them).

My dad stopped by mid fitting as well with a bottle of champagne and 3 flutes to celebrate. This was such a sweet gesture and I was so happy that he was able to see the dress as well. M was kind enough to wait patiently on Newbury Street while we were celebrating in a Vera Wang fitting room.

So what went wrong, you might ask? Well, after standing under the hot lights in super high heels in a stuffy room for 30 minutes, I started to feel slightly off. At first it just seemed to be a uneasy stomach but as I got hotter and hotter, I began to panic. I tried to keep my cool but finally I asked Lili (the super amazing seamstress at VW) if I could take a seat for a few minutes and have some water. I felt better after this breather but I made a list of some lessons that I think would benefit any of you ladies who have dress fittings coming up!

1. Eat!
Make sure you have a healthy snack or meal before you go in to your fitting.

We had had lunch at the Union Oyster House (delicious) yet I had only munched on garlicky mussels that were hardly filling.

2. Hydrate!
Drink a full 8 oz. glass of water before you go in for your fitting and keep a bottle handy throughout the day.

I rarely drink water...this is something that I have been working on a daily basis. I had not drank anything on Saturday except for some fruit juice in the morning for breakfast. I felt 100 times better after I drank the bottle of the water during my fitting.

3. Breath!
This is an emotional and momentous occasion. Prepare yourself for these feelings and bring someone along that you love and trust.

I was surprised by how quickly my emotions tangled with each other. It was a mix of joy and nerves as I began picturing myself in that moment next June.

How did your first fittings go? Anyone experience anything similar?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sorry and A Give Away

Sorry I've been beyond MIA. Work has been nuts and I spent most of last weekend cooking up a storm for our super bowl party. I promise to get back on it after this weekend (my first dress fitting!!)

On to more exciting bloggy pal, Random Reflections of a Perfectionist is hosting a fabulous give away.

Quick...scurry on over there and enter the sexy little giveaway now!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Win the Ultimate Wedding!

Hold the presses! Two fantastically exciting pieces of news this Monday morning.

First, Daily Candy is starting a weekly wedding edition. Must sign up immediately!

Second, they are partnering with Crate & Barrel on a contest for $100,000 for the Ultimate Wedding!

Prizes are amazing…even down to the honorable mention in which 15 winners will receive $1000 C&B gift cards.

Enter here!