Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Ode to A Ghost Chair

I fell in love with ghost chairs while watching "Wedded to Perfection" on TLC last summer. These funky sculpted beauties added a contemporary elegance to the insanely over the top events planned by Jung and her team at Fete. (P.S. I have a secret fantasy that Jung will randomly find this blog and decide she MUST take-over on our wedding planning)

Our floral and event designer created a fabulously elegant look for our wedding, including none other than the elusive white ghost chair. The look was breath taking. All white, square tables, contemporary white ghost chairs, showcasing brilliantly robust plumes of coral, raspberry, and butter yellow in clustered centerpieces.

Yet, those dreams were quickly dashed when our caterer sent through the dreaded upgrade price for the ghost chairs. Let me just say...they put the chivari upgrade price to shame. So we have a slightly drastic change to our overall design. I have removed myself from the disappointment at this time and felt it appropriate to leave you with some lasting droolworthy images of a ghost chair wedding or two.


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