Friday, August 17, 2007

Fabu vs. Faboo: It's Been a While!

Two very different LBD looks at the In Style event last week. SMG as usual is looking fabu. Her funky shirt dress is a hot take on the classic LBD. Elisha on the other hand looks frumpy with a dress which cuts off her legs and square toed pumps that add to that squatness as well. Oh and did I mentioned the shoulder pads with feathery fur attached?


Trendini said...

the length of that dress on Elisha is terr.ib.le!!!
she can look so much better than that: does she not have a stylist to say uh no, you are not going out in that.

junation said...

Really flattering dress on SMG. Brings a real maturity to her look

bitterbabe said...

Elisha looks like an old lady. She needs to file her stylist immediately!

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