Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Hairy Gathering

I'm heading back to Chicago next weekend for one of my bridesmaid's engagement parties. I've also scheduled several wedding related appointments for myself, including a hair and make-up trial. So I've been searching through my hair inspiration folder as well as gathering new images to bring along to my appointment.

I've had a vision in my head for some time of wearing my hair up in a low loose messy bun with a low veil for the ceremony and a hair flower for the reception. I almost always wear my hair down and I think that a low updo will be boho chic and a little different from the day to day. I would like to have the option perhaps to pull my hair down during the reception if I feel like letting loose without too much hassle. So we'll see what the options are there.

I started with the first inspiration picture I had pulled...featuring Michelle Williams.

And my portfolio has evolved slightly...

Trust me...those are just a select 2 from the nearly 50 that I have collected.

I have a couple of requirements from the updo perspective that I'll be passing along as well.

1. Sustainability
I do not want to worry about pieces falling out as we frolic during the first look or walk down the aisle.

2. Modern
I want a modern fresh look - avoid at all costs the prom-style ringlets, severe pull back, or big bushy top of the head buns.

3. Me
I want to look like a fancy version of myself.

What are you hair rules? Are you going up or down?

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