Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Couture Registry: Part 3

M and I had our 3rd (and most successful) registry trip yesterday. From the beginning, I was not especially keen on registering at Crate & Barrel. After working there in high school with my older brother, I had visions of generic everything flashing through my head when I even considered it. Yet I was so horribly disappointed with the options at Pottery Barn (along with the service) for dinnerware, flatware, and kitchen goodies that I caved.

So off to C&B at the Burlington Mall we went. Um...hello lover:

Might I introduce you to our fabulous new bone china dinnerware with a freakin' awesome turquoise / gold accent?? Drool. I practically threw the scanner at the place setting when I saw it on the shelf. Fortunately at this point in the registering process, M has admitted that he really doesn't give a hoot about anything that is acceptable for a registry purchase. So we no longer bicker about what will and will not be scanned...I just scamper ahead of him and scan to my heart's content.

Oh and P.S. I have since deleted all the items from our PB registry except for the gallery frames. So there!

How were your registry experiences?