Monday, January 4, 2010

Hunting for Wedding Glass

It's funny that I feel like most of my wedding posts are about a hunt for something or other based on the inspiration pictures I have collected over the past six months. After meeting with several florists over Thanksgiving, I have been able to fully envision the centerpieces that I want for the wedding.

I'm inspired by centerpiece clusters. Multiple unique yet thematic low and lush arrangements on each table. I'm hoping to tie the arrangements together on each table by color scheme or type of container. So now I'm on to the hunt for the containers. I want there to be multiple types.

Milk Glass

Mercury Glass



Where would I begin other than eBay and Etsy? I'm also thinking of checking out Homegoods and some local beantown antique fairs when it gets a bit warmer. Any other ideas for lil' old me?

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