Monday, May 21, 2007

From Pixie to Punky: Odes to Short Hair

I have the kind of hair that is a flat iron's dream. As soon as there is a slight drop of humidity in the air, my hair drinks it up to the full frizz potential. Being biracial, I have spent much of my adolescence to my twenties battling with the true texture of my locks. Now this would not be a problem, if I had the perfect thick curls of my younger brother or the piecey texture of my older brother.

Still, I have found a middle ground with my hair (with the help of my Chi and T3) but as the weather heats up I want nothing more than to chop it all off into a short sexy do.

Michelle Williams
You have to be quite beautiful to pull of this little hair.

Selma Blair
After her shaved sides grew out, her hair fel into a classically elegant shape.

Elisha Cuthbert
Modern and punky, I dig it.


Christine said...

ahhh I love it...I have often fantasized about having Selma Blair's hair, but first I'd have to have her perfect little features :/ And I cannot live without my truly changed my life!

Jaclyn said...

i have had short hair like these celebs....don't do it! unless you think you may really love it and keep it for ever it's not worth it. growing it out was awful. totally awful. im sure your hair looks great the way it is!

Anonymous said...

Jaclyn: Buy a wig.