Monday, May 7, 2007

Wardrobe Remix at Flickr

Oh how flickr never ceases to amaze me. Whether I am looking for chicken pictures to decorate for my boss's birthday or searching for images of that perfect Nike Air low top to show my brother.

This weekend I stumbled upon the Wardrobe Remix group. Wardrobe_remix was created by Tricia Royal in September of 2005. Tricia also writes the blog: Bits and Bobbins.
wardrobe_remix is a DO IT YOURSELF street fashion community.

i believe the best stylists walk the streets, not the photo sets, nor the backstage of the runways. the real innovators are you and me: real, fashionable people, men and women alike.

how do *you* put it together? where did you get that item of clothing from? is there a story behind something you wear? a reason why you wear specific styles or types of clothing, or a particular item all the time?

whatever you wear, wherever it's source (designer, mass-market/high street, thrift/charity, handmade--it's ALL good): show us how you CREATIVELY put your everyday duds together

I love this group and check it out daily to see the daily fashion inspirations of people who love clothes.

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