Monday, May 7, 2007

How I Love the Costume Institute Gala

Ah, one of my favorite events of the season took place tonight. The Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala always guarantees a fashion spectator's dream. Tonight honored Paul Poiret who at the height of his career in pre-World War I France was the undisputed “King of Fashion” and whose sweeping vision led to a new silhouette that liberated women from the corset and introduced the shocking colors and exotic references of the Ballets Russes to the haute couture
It is almost sacriligious to say anything negative about Anna Wintour.

Lovely. Only Gisele can pull of a full length drop waist.

Normally I adore Chloe's avante-gard style, but this is more 90's prom than gala at the Met

Love the added sparkle to her Grey anatomy.

I expected more than ruffles from such a fashion icon.

Gotta admit it...LiLo looks hot, well her dress does at least.

Photos Courtesy of Getty Images

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