Thursday, July 5, 2007

Celeb Gone Fashion Designer: Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B.

It is interesting to see so many celebrities embark on a new career as fashion designer. I think that it can often go so terribly wrong seeing as many of these people are not fashion conscious at all and are solely dressed by an on point stylist. Still, there are a few out there who hit it right on the mark. One in particular is Gwen Stefani with her line L.A.M.B.
L.A.M.B. started out as a collaboration with Le Sport Sac in 2004, when Stefani designed a limited collection of handbags and accessories for the handbag manufacturer. The name L.A.M.B. originally refered to Stefani's dog Megaan, whom she called her little "Lamb." The acronym stands for Love. Angel. Music. Baby., which is also the name of Stefani's first solo album. Stefani has several times made remarks about her fascination with Japanese street culture and names this as an inspiration for her designs. The first stand-alone L.A.M.B. collection debuted in a New York fashion show in 2005.
The most interesting point about this collection is that is very high end in terms of price point and design. While many celebs are inclined to design for the masses (SJP and Jessica Simpson alike), Gwen has moved more towards those fashion connoisseurs which lends a certain amount of credibility to the line.

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