Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Celeb Gone Fashion Designer: Jennifer Lopez's Sweetface

Jennifer Lopez has moved swiftly from fly girl to fashionista in her long career. She now is often featured as one of the uber couture wearing celebs on many a red carpet. Her first foray into fashion designing was JLo by Jennifer Lopez is a brand owned by Warnaco Group. According to some sources, her JLo line is the most successful of any artists to date. This line is sold at department stores such as Macys and often is featured in the Juniors department.

Still the JLo line never seemed very conducive to her couture wardrobe and in November 2003, Lopez launched the high end line “Sweetface”. Debuting at New York fashion week among such names as Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs, Lopez easily nestled her way into the runway scene. To date, the frequent use of fur in the Sweetface line has brought the scorn of people concerned with animal rights, particularly PETA. Still, JLo has found her footing in the high end fashion world yet not seen as strong commercial success that she did with her JLo line.

Self Belt Detail Caplet

Pin Tuck Tunic Dress


Denim Bandeau & Beaded Eyelet Dress


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Sweetface! I’ve been so excited about this line ever since I first read about it. I saw that hautelook.com is having a sample sale tomorrow on this collection! I’m addicted to this website…they always have fabulous designers at super great deals.

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