Sunday, November 15, 2009

Throw Me That Bouquet

One of the first questions that people ask me when they find out I'm in the middle of planning my wedding is "What are our colors?" Before I had gotten engaged and started reading the lovely blogs and researching inspirational decor, I had never even considered that one would have a color theme for a wedding. I'm rather indecisive about many things and our colors is one that I have been particularly fickle about.

We decided to keep our decor in the neutral color schemes with the bridesmaid dresses silvery gray and the groomsmen in black with neutral ties. Therefore, we'll use the flowers, particularly the bouquets to add the pop of color to our celebration.

An all white bouquet is delightful for some brides, it is pure perfection (especially in peony or ranunculus).

Yet I am envisioning something a bit more vibrant for myself. I love a pink soft bloom against a white dress.

I've gather nearly 50 pictures of colorful bouquets to bring along to our floral appointments over Thanksgiving and I'm so excited to see what other ideas are out there.