Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Love Shooooes

Some may say that I have a slight problem when it comes to shoes. I simply say that it's nice to feel passionate about something. Some may think it is sad to be passionate about shoes. I say it is actually quite fabulous. As you know, I'm on the hunt for wedding kicks. I know I always write about how obsessed I am with wearing Christian Loubs on my wedding day but I think every girl should dream of such delights.

Something blue perhaps?
How about ruffles?

Who can say no to sparkles?

While none of these beauties are in my future, I think I may have stumbled on an equally gorgeous pair that are narrowly in the margin of my price range. During my last minute Christmas shopping yesterday, I sauntered ever so casually by the Barney's shoe department and spotted a pair of perfect CL's that were more than half off. That's the absolute beauty of the Barney's Winter Sale. I decided to sleep on it before taking action but I have not been able to get them off of my mind. So after M and I manage to dig ourselves out of the 2 feet of snow that this Nor'Easter has dumped on Charlestown, I'll be making my way over to check yet another "difficult" task off of my wedding to-do list. I promise to post pictures!