Monday, December 14, 2009

Wrapped Up

I'm wiped after a rather productive evening. It began with a homemade eggplant pasta dinner, which took much longer than necessary and kind of ended up tasting like pasta with canned tomato sauce. Oops. Then it was on to a wrapping marathon. I finally received the last of my parents presents in the mail today (ah the love of online holiday shopping) and I need to ship out the Chicago present package this week. My mom, dad, and younger brother will be the lucky recipients.

This is the first year of the inevitable holiday trade off that includes me not spending Christmas in Chicago. Last year, I spent Thanksgiving with M's family in Philly while he joined me in Chi-town for Christmas. This year it was the reverse. Though I have to admit I am being a bit more spoiled than he was about spending the holiday away from mia famiglia. It's tough not having our families in the same area which would allow for the eve / day holiday split. Instead one of us does not get to share in the holiday traditions, comforts, and joy of our family. Now don't get me wrong, I love M's parents but as most of you can probably relate, it's just not the same.

Looking on the bright side, we'll be heading to New York City the day after Christmas for a weekend trip with my peeps. So I guess I should stop whining.

Oh, and I finished up the night with a second try at baking my mom's famous Mint Meringues. Fingers crossed they turn out. If so, I'll post the recipe tomorrow.