Monday, December 21, 2009

The Tail of the Broken Prong

Okay so that would hardly be a very riveting tale but that is exactly what I found today as I innocently folded my hands in my lap during a rather dull meeting. I felt a small shift in the side stone of my ring almost like a loose tooth feels when you are little. I looked down to examine my baby and lo and behold one of the prongs was missing on the setting of that stone.

Bummer huh? Well to M's credit after I called him in a panic, he observed that it would have been a much bigger bummer if I had not noticed the missing prong until after the stone too was missing. So off to the lovely jeweler my ring goes for a quick repair. It's funny though how it almost feels like a missing limb. I never realized how aware I was of the ring at all times. Throughout the afternoon, after I had locked my ring away in my desk drawer for safe keeping, I would have a near start when for a split second I would think my ring had fallen off of my finger.

All's well that ends well though I suppose. I'll feel much better when that ring is back on my finger.

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