Monday, September 14, 2009

A Sweet Favor

I've been back and forth on favors since we started planning the wedding. Every favor that I have ever gotten has seemed almost silly, therefore I had initially decided against them. But after oogling many a cute DIY idea on all of my favorites blogs, I begin to waver in my "steadfast" determination against them.

I started with the plantable favor idea. I loved the thought of giving our guests something lasting and pretty. A couple of tulip bulbs could be tied up in a pretty satchel and presented to each guest at the table. But then I began to worry about how many would go to waste...would our guests really find the favors useful or would they be tossed away due to the extra work it would take to plant them?

And then...I saw these from Miss Apple Cider

How sweet would they look in a brown bakery box with a red/white string bow tied on them. I think it is even DIY-able for me (a non-DIYer at heart) and I'm quite sure my mom would help me bake multiple brownie batches before the wedding. All I need now is a heart shaped cookie cutter.

Love Is Sweet.

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