Monday, June 18, 2007

$101 Outfit Challenge: Interviewing on a Budget

Interviewing and job hunting is tricky enough as it is...yet add to that the minimal budget of us entry level folks yearning to break into the big time. It is hard to compete with the rest of the candidates wearing their matching Theory suits. As I am right now looking for a job in Boston, I am smacked with this same problem. I hate a bland black suit and think that clothing is an important demonstration of one's personality. I refuse to let my eclectic personal style get lost in the sea of boring.

Lux Polka Dot Tie Top
Funky yet conservative enough to stand tall in the highest cubicle walls.
Lux High Waisted Trouser Pants
Brings the high waist of SS07 to the work place.

Pretty Little Ballet
A pop of alternative color adds to the funky wardrobe.

Faux Leather Tote
Patent and Boxy, perfect for this season and stocking the resume.

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