Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Foundation Frustration

I have been intrigued with the Bare Minerals line ($25) ever since I first spotted the infomercials. The line claims to have flawless coverage, free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances, and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts. Yet I just brushed it off as another wacky TV trick and never pursued my interest further. (Please note: I am often inclined to buy crazy contraptions of infomercials and have learned my lesson way too often. I own the Magic Bullet sadly!)

So I went on my merry way using my Traceless Skin Responsive Tint from Prescriptives. Now this is great because it is really light and almost like a tinted moisturizer which I enjoy. But sometimes it does not provide as much coverage as my skin needs. (I am sometimes blotchy and uneven, ugh.)

I decided it was time for a change yesterday when I went to CVS and noticed Neutrogena Mineral Sheers ($12) out of the corner of my eye. I loved that it was a less expensive alternative to Bare Minerals and touted the same skin benefits. So I scooped up my shade (Light to Medium) and hurried home to try out my new goods.

Now I first tested it on top of my Prescriptives foundation and loved the effect. It offered a smooth and seamless finish to my skin without creating a masklike effect that some powders can. I then tried it this morning alone and found that while it created a soft finish there is certainly not enough coverage to cover some unfortunate blotchiness I am prone to. One other complaint I have on my new found treasure is the packaging. Because the powder is kept in the base of the brush, I had to shake it furiously in order to get the powder started. Certainly not as handy as the separate powder/brush combo of Bare Minerals.

The moral of the story sometimes it takes two.


Christine said...

I also currently use Neutrogena Mineral Sheers (tried it as a lower-price version of Bare Minerals!) I also had the WORST time getting enough powder out of the brush but I think I have the wrist-flick down now! I like it, but it just isn't quite as velvety & smooth as Bare Minerals...when I have more money to spend on makeup, I will be getting the real thing :)

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