Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Eye Love a Beauty Gift

I can never resist a beauty gift offering. In fact, I am often looking for any extra incentive to buy more beauty goodies. I am totally going to take advantage of this Neiman Marcus Special! I am definitely in need of some extra eye care as I have been working long hours lately and possibly going out on the town a bit much. I love looking bright eyed and busy tailed so to speak so I think some eye TLC is in order.
Laura Mercier
Night Nutrition Renewal Eye Creme

I love Laura Mercier beauty products. They always smell fresh and are really hydrating

Shu Umera
Eyelash Curler Renovation

I just broke my E.L.F. curler that I bought for $1 and I think it's time for an upgrade. Professional Make Up Artists and Celebs (as well as my girls) swear by this one.

Reviving Concealer/Eye/Tint

My revlon concealer is just not cutting through the dark circles anymore. A little Prada never hurt anyone.

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