Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Glammy Grunge: My Kind of Style

There has been a growing trend among the Hollywood starlets that I have dubbed Glammy Grunge. An attempt to look effortlessly bedworn while still glitzing yourself up with the latest duds, hair extensions, shoes, but most commonly Must Have bags. I think most people either love this look or hate it. I personally am a big fan. I often find myself doing the same thing on a Saturday morning trip to Michigan Ave. I'll throw on some leggings and an oversized tunic but carry my LV Speedy as well to give my weekend style a little bit more of an edge. There are so many different ways to exhibit the Glammy Grunge Look:

Mischa dons her keds with a hot designer dress during a press promotion of the company.

Simple black leggings and an oversized mens undershirt are dressed up with Nicole's designer bag and kicks.

Another LV Speedy is used by Hduff to fluff up her cut offs and goofy boots.
What do you think about Glammy Grunge?

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