Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bling

As I said before, I was beyond surprised by M's proposal last March. But when he popped open that velvety ring box, I was speechless. The ring was unlike anything that I had ever seen before and yet perfectly fit what I wanted. I had always envisioned a 3 stone diamond ring, although I had never been set on a specific shape of diamond.

M went above and beyond just a simple 3 stone ring. He worked with my mom and a close jeweler friend to design my ring. They added the pave micro-setting around all 3 stones and the band to create a heirloom style setting.

The best part of the ring though is the sentimental value. M asked my mom if he could use one of the diamonds from my late aunt's engagement ring in my ring. My aunt was my mom's only sister and passed away a few years ago from complications with lupus. She was a fantastic woman, full of light and love, and some of my most cherished childhood memories were spent with her in Switzerland (where she lived) or home in Chicago. My mom always tells me how much I remind her of my aunt and I only hope that I can live up to everything that she was to our family.

What's the story of your bling?