Thursday, October 1, 2009

All About the Boys

After a heated debate (on-going since we were engaged), M and I have finally decided on the attire for the boys. Now, M has been saying all along that this is the ONE decision that he truly wanted to be a part of. Okay fine, I guess that is a reasonable request.

We considered the formal tux but it felt a bit too stuffy and old school for our outdoor plaza ceremony, especially with the bow tie. We want the boys to look modern yet chic (well, the the chic part may just be me but a girl can hope, right?)

I had always envisioned the boys in amazing gray summer suits. Yet after much time spent searching online, we found limited options for suit rentals.

We did not want to ask everyone to buy new gray suits, so we settled on the classic black suit. M will be buying himself a new one (finally getting rid of those front pleated pants from his college suit) but we have told all the other guys that they can wear whatever black suit they have on hand. No need to be so matchy matchy. They'll wear plain white shirts and we'll gift them with the tie and pocket square to complete the look. Yes, I love myself a good pocket square!

With that decision made, we easily finalized the bridesmaids dresses...remember these? We decided on the silver as we think it will look really fun with the black suits. I cannot wait to see our besties all dressed up and ready to go.

How did you decide on your wedding party's attire? Did you go back and forth as much as we did?

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