Friday, October 30, 2009

Long Distance Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding in a different city than the one that you live in is rather challenging. It adds in additional layer of complexity to an already elaborate process. I know I'm not the first bride-to-be attempting this and I won't be the last. M and I do not get back to Chicago as often as I would like to so we've had to pack our schedules when we do get back to visit the family.

We'll be back to visit for the entire week of Thanksgiving. Therefore, while I'd rather be cooking with my mom, talking with my dad, laughing with my brothers, and playing with my nephew - M and I will be on a wedding planning whirlwind.

So far we have our engagement shoot scheduled for Tuesday (fingers crossed the weather holds out). Three florist and design appointments for Wednesday. Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday (of course). And three cake tastings topping off the week on Friday. Fortunately I've managed to convince my fam to join me on some if not all of the appointments so it will be a family filled busy week.

How have you other long-distance brides planned the wedding in between visits with family and friends?