Friday, October 2, 2009

Who's Looking First

When we first began this crazy journey also known as wedding planning...I had several preconceived notions about how the wedding day was going to play out. Many of the more traditional rituals had been immediately tossed out, such as the garter and bouquet toss. But other more traditional moments, I had my heart set on. I had always envisioned that moment when my dad and I turn down at the beginning of the aisle and my eyes meet with M's down at the end. So symbolic and sweet...I can just picture the tears in his eyes and the tremble in his hands as he sees his bride to be approaching. Cue to reality where I will most likely be nervously focusing on not tripping down the stairs to the plaza or walking to quickly down the aisle. I realized in my planning and blog reading that perhaps there is a more intimate option to a first look.

There are gobs and gobs of fantastic first look photos across the wedding web, capturing the surprise and delight with tears and arms thrown up in joy at the first sight of the one to be. I love how the photographer can set up such a surreal meeting in an intimate and picturesque setting and photograph the true emotions from both sides. Plus, I realized if we go with a pre-ceremony first look, we'll then get more time at the cocktail hour...and what could be so bad about that?

Are you doing a first look?

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