Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Inevitable Photobooth

There are certain wedding trends that I cannot imagine living without at our wedding. I suppose that was a bit on the dramatic side but I simply MUST have a photobooth for our guests. I love the vintage look and feel of the photobooth. It is a guaranteed hit for our guests. Plus, we can create (or have our guests create) a guestbook with one half of the strip and a favor with the other (ala Mrs. Cupcake).

I was lucky enough to find a great vendor in Chicago who is currently running a special upon reservation. The booth comes with an operator in case guests have any questions and can hopefully also help with the production of the guest book (all we need is a glue stick and metallic pen).

I've been debating the idea of creating some spectacular backdrop to post in the booth but I'm leaning towards the traditional b & w look. I think the pictures will be a nice contrast to an all black album.

Have you been considering a photobooth? Are you adding any unique twists to make the traditional photo strips more custom?

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