Monday, October 26, 2009

Designer Duds Without Guilt

Hello. My name is Couture and I'm a fashion and designer label addict. I am obsessed with all things fashion and style...I spend the first week of each month drooling over my fashion magazines and dreaming of Marc Jacobs, Chloe, and Stella McCartney. (Clearly, Couture Bowl was a fashion blog before I arrived in wedding land).

I am so looking forward to buying new outfits for all of the fun wedding events preceding the big day. Yet my bank account (and fiance) are slightly more weary of these new outfits. I have tried to justify them to myself and him..."But this will be my only bachelorette party EVER, I have to look amazing". That only works so long until I tried it last week when we were going to register and I said "But how many times can I wear the same old outfit when I'm registering for our WEDDING!" Woops, may have pushed my luck just a bit there.

Still, I'm on the hunt for some "bargain" priced designer duds for the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette weekend, and wedding shower next year. Alas, I have fallen in love with the great vendors who have created designer flash sales online at warehouse sample sale prices.

Some of my favorites include:

If you have not signed up for any of these sites yet...I beg you to do so immediately! (Let me know if you need an invite and I'd be happy to send along). Essentially, all 3 sites have daily flash designer sales. They send out an email when the sale opens up each morning and they have between 15-20 select pieces that are on sale at insanely affordable prices. Designers include, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Chloe, YSL, BCBG, and more than I can list here. Along with clothing, they at times carry gift products like D&G Candle Co. and there are great opportunities to score some fantastic hostess gifts along the way.

So far I have actually purchased a gift set of candles and a pair of J Brand jeans from Haute Look. I have a feeling that my list will grow much longer as we move into the holidays and then wedding season.

Do you have any super secret shopping sites that you love?