Saturday, October 10, 2009

Star Light...Star Bright?

One of the (few) downsides of getting married at a museum or other historical site are the decor restrictions. I adore the space at the Chicago History Museum which is why we chose the museum for our ceremony and reception, yet the contract came along with a two page list of items that were not allowed for use as decoration.

Sadly, one of those items included is candles. I think that wedding receptions filled with soft candlelight are simply enchanting so I was bummed that this was not an option for us. So I'm on a mission to find other unique lighting options that can provide the illusion of soft candlelight without the cheesy look of flameless candles.

Did you run into any roadblocks in your wedding decor?


Katie said...

Oh no! That is disappointing that you can't use candles! Have you looked into the LED candles...they make some pretty good looking flameless ones now...almost like the real thing!

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