Friday, April 27, 2007

The Faux Pas of a Plaid Jumper

Source: Teddy & Moo's
It truly pains me to post about Lindsay Lohan in two consecutive days. But when I saw this atrocious attempt at a jumper look, I felt compelled to do so. If you remember my initial post on Nicole Richie's silk jumper look, you will note that I am not totally biased against the jumper. Although I think it is hard to pull it off in a flattering way and still remain chic.
This point was proved by Miss Lohan in this plaid number she wore to a trip to her local McD's. First off, the jumper does not fit properly. It almost looks as though she is wearing a diaper underneath the sagging bottom. And the plaid yields the image of stacking hay in a barnyard. Although it looks comfortable and possibly suitable for a trip to McD's, I almost wish I had not seen it as it again sparked my fear of the jumper.

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