Friday, April 20, 2007

Only in Chicago would 50 Degrees Feel like Summer

I woke up this morning with a smile across my face. Seriously, this is a rare
occurrence as I normally cannot even summon a smirk until I have an extra hot soy latte from Starbucks (how cliche??).

Yet there is nothing like a weather report hinting at the end of a windy and cold winter to jump start a girl's day. Despite the fact that the sun is shining (I almost forgot what sun was), the air still has a chill to it and it will barely reach 60 degrees today. But that has not stopped me from donning the most summery outfit I could find after sifting through my storage closet.

Wearing today: Blue gray jersey trapeze dress (Nordstroms) with a cropped beige pea coat (Urban Outfitters) and light gold flats (SM)

Sure...there is a slight chance of a fripple or two (he he) but in my book it is well worth it.


Christine said...

hey! definitely would love a link exchange. I feel for anyone trying to start up a's harder to be clever than I thought :) Yours is so cute!

Virenda said...

I look forward to going to Chicago in July, so I'm sure I'll be enjoying the hot summer days.

Oh and as cliche as it sounds, I don't smile until I have a venti non-fat latte, from Starbucks. Cliche's are great.