Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Sneaker Dilemma

I would like to bring up a dilemma that I have been struggling with since the seasons have been changing. That being the pairing of my good old Chuck T's with shorts, skirts, and dresses.
Now I first probably should explain that I live for Converse or Vans of any kind. So when the weather gets hotter around here, I often feel glum as I push my sneakers to the back of my closet half-heartedly.
I have yet to see anyone pull of a dress with sneakers of any kind. No matter how cute said dress is or how trendy said sneakers are (Ahem, Lindsay Lohan).

Source: Teddy&Moo's


Anonymous said...

Lohan will do ANYTHING for attention; therefore, she's not a legitimate contender in any fashion sense.

Fashionista said...

Omg, It just simply does not work...
I wouldn't wear short dresses like that if I had those legs anyway..

I do love the dress on it's own though!