Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So What if Ugg is Short for Uggly?

Source: Flynet
Yes. I am aware that Uggs are disgustingly passe. And that anyone who is anyone should have burned their $100+ horrible trendy yet delicious comfortable footwarmers when the ball dropped in 2005. But I cannot stop wearing my beat up mocha brown tall Uggs for the life of me. Granted...I stopped briefly during that Chicago warm spell (see below) but since the weather has taken a downhill turn, I find it hard to resist the calling of the creamy sheepskin from my closet. So finally, one of my favorite celeb fashionistas is caught donning the same faux pas I regretfully slip on from time to time. Oh RBils, you may have made a mistake when you let the Brodyman go but how it warms my heart to see you caught wearing Uggs in April.

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