Sunday, April 22, 2007

Urban My Outfitters

Now that summer is in full swing over here in the windy city (or at least in my head as it has just barely topped 60 degrees), I am thinking dresses, dresses, and more dresses. I used to be a strictly jeans kind of a girl. Never really was into dresses or skirts. But now trapeze me, balloon me, or wrap me...any time any way.

So I decided to check out Urban Outfitters sale pages to see what hidden gems I could find there. Now I always struggle at the sale basement at my local Urban Outfitters as half the crap I see there is barely fit for my grandmother's closet. But the real way to shop UO sale is online.

Lux Button Jumper with Pockets

Original $58--NOW $19.99

Kimchi & Blue Empire Reef Dress

Original $88--NOW $29.99

Lux Wide Sleeve Knit Babydoll Dress

Original $58--NOW $34.99

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