Monday, July 20, 2009

Bridesmaids Anyone?

So I think I may finally be making a color decision and it is mostly driven by the new Vera Wang "Maid to Order" collection that I stumbled upon. I never thought I would be a Vera bride but after a trip to a trunk show in her salon on Newbury with my mom...I became one! (More on that story later) I am OBSESSED with my dress but it has impacted my vision for my 'maids.

I had initially thought I wanted a super cute and short cocktail dress with pockets. Chic and Cheap was the vision. (unfortunately not Moschino style) That all changed when I bought my dress which is long and flowy. Feels very organic and I started envisioning bridesmaid dresses with the same look and feel. Less structured and more airy.


May I introduce you to Christina? This gorgeous Vera Wang bridesmaid dress is perfection! Exactly what I was looking for. And the cactus color will really compliment my latest and greatest color palette of Apricot and Champagne.

Can't you just see my ladies wearing these fantastically light dresses and clutching a bouquet of apricot and peach ranunculus?

Love it!

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