Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chicago...A Bride's Kind of Town

Surprisingly I'm not like one of those typical chickies who has dreamt about her wedding her whole life and has it all figured out well before the ring is slipped on my tiny little finger. Sure after spending 8 years with my boyfriend and seeing a few of my best gals getting engaged, I had started to think about walking down the aisle but the only thing that I knew for sure was that I wanted a real Chicago CITY wedding

I dreamt of fantastically Chicago wedding pictures like this. A perfectly romantic kiss surrounded by the city that I love.

Therefore when the ring was slipped on my finger by the lovely M (more on that story later), I had a few of the "tough" decisions already figured out. Little did I know the thousands of decisions that lay ahead of us on our wedding planning extravaganza.


edyta szyszlo photo said...

thanks for the shout :) best wishes with your planning!!!

Erika said...

This picture is so gorgeous! I feel the same way, I hope I have a picture like this too!! Happy planning, and I hope you have the wedding of your dreams!

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