Friday, July 17, 2009

Revealing the Picture Perfect Venue

After a full day of venue hunting (we also checked out The Peninsula for kicks), I was feeling disheartened. We were only in Chicago for two days and I had planned on leaving with a place and a date that we were going to get married. As we were about to get on Lake Shore Drive to head back to the burbs, my mom suggested that we check out the Chicago History Museum. She made no promises but thought that it might be worth seeing the event space.

I had never been there so I was not sure what to expect. The museum is right on the park that overlooks Lake Shore Drive to the lake. In the summer the greenery is in full bloom and the Uihlein Plaza offers a unique panoramic view of the park.

We walked up stairs into the Robinson Gallery and I started getting a bubbly feeling in my stomach. It was gorgeous and fresh with beautiful periwinkle blue paint and a fantastic chandelier. Cocktails anyone?

We made our way into the Chicago Room...and that was it for me. It was truly the vision I had in my mind. Hardwood floors flanking a black and white checked dance floor. Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass windows earmarking the high walls. And huge windows overlooking the park and the Uihlien Plaza.

Luckily M felt the same way and we immediately began inquiring about dates that were available. And there you have it...we will be getting married at the Chicago History Museum on June 26, 2010. A ceremony on the plaza followed by a reception in the Chicago Room.

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