Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hair-y Tales

I'm having a dilemma...a fashion dilemma that is. See, I never really thought of myself as a veil bride. Much to my mom and dad's chagrin. When I was trying on my dress at Vera and they put a veil on me...it looked like a costume to me. Kind of cheesy. Now you probably think I'm crazy to say that a Vera veil was cheesy...but that just demonstrates how veil averse I am.

Yet I want something different in my hair for the wedding. Some sort of "ornamentation". I considered a fascinator and a bird cage veil for about 2.5 seconds before I realized how not me those were as well. (How I wish they were though).

So then I found a picture in Elegant Bride way at the beginning of wedding planning that I failed to cut out. (Shame on me!) The bride had an organic and bohemian updo. It was slightly wavy and loose with a few braids woven in among a ribbon and metallic headband. Really sweet and kind of some bling at the same time.

So now I am on a headband mission. I started on Etsy and have not really been able to find exactly what I am envisioning.

The closest I've seen is from the shop Woomi. But I'm not sure that it's quite right. It looks a bit to hard for me. Does that even make sense? I'll continue my quest but if you see anything that is similar to what I've vaguely described please let me know!

Have you struggled with the to veil or not to veil question? How did you make your decision on the headpiece?

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